Walden's Websites: Over the years I've created, modified and maintained many websites. Too many to remember. Here are some of the personal pages that still exist and remain somewhat active.

Domain Name Description Established  Home Page / Directory  2012  Tech Support & Web Design  2010  Music & Entertainment  2016  Independent Record Label  2009  Video Production Outlet  2006

Other online profiles include:

Site URL Member since
 Twitter  2016  2016  2011
 Facebook  2007
 YouTube  2006
 Amazon  2016  2015
 IPT  2013
 IMDB  2001

Throughout this site I've added some random clicks to various web content that you may be intrigued to click on. With every turn of the page you will see more that may spark your clicker finger. Click randomly and enjoy.

Please report any broken links so that I can fix them.

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