@WaldenPlays #theWHHT
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@WaldenPlays #theWHHT

Since my 36th birthday in April, I've been working excessively hard on putting together an acoustic act that I can take on the road and drive across Canada. This has been a dream that's been sitting in my back pocket for 20 odd years now. The time to take this show on the road is now.

The first leg from West to East will be called the #WhateverHappensHappens Tour (aka #theWHHT). This is a grand experiment as I aim to be the first musician to go on tour without booking any dates prior to hitting the road. I dunno if that's a thing but I'm soon going to find out. Now that I'm on the road, #WhateverHappensHappens. I'm looking for promoters in every major city and hoping to fill some cancellations at venues or squeeze into current lineups. I'll also be doing some street performances, house parties, private parties, weddings and funerals. Contact me to arrange a booking.

The second leg from East to West will have more of a traditional outline. I'll be doing my research and planning based on my findings from the first leg. So far I know that I'd like to play acoustic punk rock in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Brampton ON.
I'll be taking a break to plan and organize this second leg while vacationing on Prince Edward Island for a few weeks. Then I'll take the month of September to snake through Canada on my way back west. This is all very exciting and I cannot explain the joy that is running through this now-gypsy's system. #GypsyLife #PunkRockPirate

Stay tuned to see what happens on the #WhateverHappensHappens Tour. I don't see myself blogging too much with all of the driving that I'll be doing so follow / like / share / subscribe to @WaldenPlays on all the social networks. Also check out the IndieGoGo campaign to see what you can do to support this tour.

Til next time....

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