Top Ten Pieces of Advice from Touring Musicians

On May 10th I bumped into Bill Bourne after his set at the Duncan Showroom and I asked him if he had any advice about touring when starting out on the road. We talked about finding promoters and venues and many other great tidbits of info. Ever since then I've been asking various touring musicians advice about the road. Here are the best, so far.

Top Ten Pieces of Advice from Touring Musicians

#10  "Sleep with your guitar." - Bill Bourne
#9  "Make sure to take your wallet on stage with you." - David Gogo
#8  "Always, always, always stop for gas!" - B.A. Johnson
#7  "For luggage, just buy disposable socks and underwear instead of spending time doing laundry." - Derek (Mendozza)
#6  "Stock up on orange juice and trail mix." - ?? from 88 Mile Trip
#5  "Wear a condom." - Kailo Mills (Mudflat Ramblers)
#4  "Always secure the cash at the venue and make it sound like you really need the money." - Jai Mills (The Void)
#3  "Get everything you can for free. Even if ya have to steal it. And always bring protection." - Reid Williams
#2  "The first 300 shows don't matter. Like Nike says... just do it!" - Blue Moon Marquee
#1  "You'll make more money busking than you will playing shows in venues." - Derek Mattin (Chunkasaurus)

Honorable mention goes to Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck. He gave me a lot of great information that was too much for my mushy brain to handle. Really should videotape these pieces of advice.

Thanks to everyone that participated. Bill Manspeaker wasn't in this run of questions but he gave me the best advice by putting on a Cereal Killer of a show and being an awesome guy after the anarchy was over. Thanks Bill. From here on out, when I play shows, I can't help but thank Mr. Manspeaker and Mr. Chi Pig (SNFU) for teaching me about being a better front man.

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