To Busy To Blog

Unfortunately I cannot find the time to blog these days but maybe I'll try to revise and publish some of the backlog of posts that keeps building. I've been scrambling to get a lot done as of lately as I have far too many plates piled way too high. Working on work in the day, music at night, jams with bands, sometimes I squeeze in some free time to chill out. The only guitar practice time I manage to squeeze in these days is at some of the various open mics and friends patios. Trying to plan a summer tour and get all of my promo ducks in a line just to book the damn shows. Hitting a new recording studio this week to track some demos of originals and covers. I really do have a lot going on and could really use some help, but the help that says that they will help isn't there when needed. Ugh... This adventure is already exhausting. Follow @WaldenPlays on Twitter to play along.

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