Scary Dairy
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Scary Dairy

My good friend Joe has been on a mission for a few years now to transform himself to a very strict non-GMO, raw, organic, vegan diet. He really obsesses over this stuff which can be difficult to translate sometimes but I think he has finally shown me the way. Joe has also recently turned me on to Erin Janus' channel on YouTube. Every time I watch a video by Erin, I am turned on by her presence but turned off of something else in the world of food. After falling ill this past week, I have finally decided that I will start taking precautions to make sure that I do not get this sick again by completely reinventing my diet.

Over the years I have been slowly working towards eating better but recently I have fallen off the wagon by bringing fast food and convenience back into my life. This was a great mistake. Coming from someone that thought they would never eat McDonald's again after watching "Super Size Me", I unfortunately eat more McDonald's (and Wendy's and DQ and BK and Tim Horton's) than I care to admit. Knowing myself, and my love of convenience and bacon, I may never have a strict vegan diet like some people do, and I'll allow myself to slip sometimes but only certain cheats will be allowed. One day I really hope to get this sugar intake under control too.

Two things that have been cut out immediately are mass produced dairy and beef. Watch the video below to see why.

Video by Erin Janus
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